We Make Craft Work With the Tools Your Business Already Uses

Your business uses a lot of different software and services. Web-based SaaS apps, legacy software, and probably a couple of spreadsheets, just for good measure.

And chances are, you want to integrate some of those things with your website, in some way.

That’s where we come in.

Maybe you want to add a user to your prospects list whenever somebody fills out your contact form. Perhaps you’d like to share the product information stored in your in-house database. Or maybe you just want to use your calendar to power your events page.

That all sounds pretty reasonable, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Most SaaS apps have an API, but they’re all different. Legacy systems have their own way of storing data, and generally aren’t keen on sharing it with others. And as for the spreadsheets… well, that’s what the copy-paste intern is for, right?

If this all sounds a little too familiar, we can help

We create custom software which helps your Craft website play nicely with the tools your business already uses.

Here are a few ways in which we’ve helped our clients’ businesses run more smoothly:

Walking the walk

All of which sounds very useful, but how do you know we can deliver on our big talk? Good question.

Here are a few things we’ve produced and released for the Craft community. Judge for yourself if we know what we’re doing.

When it comes to Craft plugin validation, we wrote the book

The Definitive Guide to Craft Validation for Plugin Developers is our practical guide to unlocking the hidden secrets of validation in Craft 2.

It covers everything from the high-level concepts, right down to the nuts and bolts of implementation. If you want to know how to implement validation in your Craft plugin as quickly and effectively as possible, there’s no better resource.

Quick solutions to your Craft problems

We found ourselves longing for a site which provided quick solutions to common Craft problems; something that would help us get to a working solution, fast, and remove some of the roadblocks to learning Craft. So we built it.

Craft Cookbook is the place you go when you really, really need a solution to your problem right now.

The recipes are easy to search and easy to bookmark, so you can quickly find the solution you need, and get back to Crafting your website.

Our plugins make a good thing even better

Craft is an excellent content management system, but it can’t possibly be all things to all people. That’s where plugins come in.

Here are a few of our open source Craft plugins. Each one is fully documented, fully supported, and available for you to use on your projects, free of charge.

Never stop learning

We’re constantly refining the way in which we build Craft websites and plugins, and sharing what we’ve learned is an important part of that process.

Our blog contains dozens of articles about Craft development, covering everything from the low-level internals of Craft itself, right up to high-level strategies for improving your plugins.

If you’re interested in advanced Craft plugin development, or you’d just like an insight into how we think and work, this is a great place to start.

Do you want a Craft website which works harder for your business?

If the answer is “yes,” we can help. To get started, click the button below, and complete the form. We’ll respond within 1 working day.