A Healthy Business Alliance

Published on 23rd October, 2007

It’s rare that I bother reading the junk mail I receive. It’s exceptionally rare that I put said junk mail in a safe place, with the express intention of blogging about it.

The piece of junk mail that brought about such unusual behaviour landed on my doormat a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of PruHealth insurance.

This letter survived the short, inevitable trip to the recycling bin by virtue of the following opening gambit: Go to the gym twice a week and soon you could go for free.

The pitch is that PruHealth will subsidise your membership to Cannons, LA Fitness, and most UK Virgin Active gyms. All you have to do is turn up a couple of times a week, and break a sweat. Presumably, you could also just sit in the bar, but they don’t mention that in the letter.

It’s a great idea, because everybody wins. The health insurance company gets fitter, healthier customers, which is exactly what a health insurer wants. The gyms get access to an enormous database of people with an interest in their personal health and fitness, which is exactly what a gym wants. And the customers get a rather nice freebie, which is pretty much what we all want.

It’s a perfect example of companies forming a mutually beneficial alliance, and working together to offer something that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

How can your business do the same?