Announcing Mailchimp Subscribe for ExpressionEngine 2

Published on 21st July, 2010

MailChimp Subscribe 2.0.0 is out, bringing with it ExpressionEngine 2 compatibility. Finally, you can all upgrade. Seriously, I should charge EllisLab commission for this stuff.

The official documentation has all the gory details, along with the all-important download link. If you’re just a Linux gal who can’t say no, the GitHub repositories are here (EE 1), and here (EE 2).

In addition to the epoch shafting news of EE 2 support, I’ve also allowed the EE 1 version of MailChimp Subscribe one last grand hurrah, with a shiny new UI.

If you discover a bug in the EE 1 version of MailChimp Subscribe which causes the deletion of the internet and the death of a loved one, by all means let me know and I’ll fix it. Other than that, I won’t be making any further updates to EE 1 branch.