Introduction to the “Client Guides”

Published on 15th September, 2008

Today sees the introduction of a new series of articles: The Client Guides.

Each article will provide a clear, succinct, non-technical overview of a web design or development topic.

In an ideal world, every nerd would skilfully communicate his role in a way that non-technical people could easily understand. In reality this rarely happens.

The Client Guides series aims to address this problem by providing plain-English explanations of the technologies and practises you’re likely to encounter when you hire someone to build you a web site.

Client Guides are…

  • A succinct, plain-English introduction to a web design or development topic.
  • Quick to read.
  • Written for a non-technical audience.

Client Guides are not…

  • “How to” guides. This is the theory, not the practical.
  • The last word on the subject. Should you wish to delve deeper into the subject, each guide includes a list of additional resources.

Writing style

To keep our sentences flowing smoothly we use the masculine pronoun (he, him, his, etc.) throughout this web site.

Should you encounter such an apparent chauvinism, please feel free to mentally substitute the feminine equivalent.


Were always looking for ways to communicate better.

If you’re a nerd struggling to explain something to a client, or a client baffled by the geek-speak tumbling from your techie’s mouth, let us know and we’ll do our best to write a guide that bridges the gap.

Similarly, if you have a suggestion on how to improve one of our existing guides, we’d love to hear it.