ExpressionEngine 2 Add-on Plans

Published on 3rd May, 2010

Over the past few weeks we’ve received a number of emails asking if and when our ExpressionEngine add-ons will be ported to EE 2.

The following table lists our current plans for each add-on, along with some explanatory notes, where necessary. Add-ons are listed in order of priority.

You’ll notice that there are no projected release dates for any of the add-ons.

Our experiences to date suggest that development will take much longer than we either hope or anticipate. There’s little point in throwing out arbitrary deadlines, and shuffling our feet awkwardly when they fly by; each add-on will be released when it’s done to a standard with which we’re happy.

Add-on Converting? Notes
SmartDown Done  
MailChimp Subscribe Yes Done  
Campaigner Yes Done Free upgrade for existing Campaigner customers.
BucketList Yes Unlikely Despite several public calls for an EE 2 version of BucketList, the EE 1 version has never been a big seller. It’s therefore very difficult to justify the development time required for an EE 2 version.
SL Combinator Yes Very unlikely An EE 2 version exists, but is very unlikely to see the light of day. Minimee does something very similar, and has a much cooler name, dammit.
SL Developer Info Yes Maybe  
SL Field Formatting Not possible A quick scout through the EE 2 codebase suggests that the extension hooks required to implement SL Field Formatting have not (yet) been implemented.
DropDate Undecided Done With thanks to Low Dogg.
SL Comment Redirect Undecided  
SL Google Map Undecided We’ve made no secret of the fact that the next version of SL Google Map is likely to be a commercial release. Implementing multiple locations per map, aggregate maps, directions, and many of the other frequently-requested features is a lot of work, and we would need to cover at least some of our costs. The release of MX Google Map makes this a far less viable proposition.
Speakeasy Undecided  
Deniro Unlikely No The third-party service upon which Deniro relies has completely changed its API, forcing us to retire the EE 1 version. We have no plans to write an EE2 version.

If we haven’t yet committed to converting an add-on upon which you rely, please let us know. Your heartfelt plea may not change our minds, but at the very least it will give us an overwhelming sense of power.