Introducing Campaigner for ExpressionEngine 2

Published on 2nd November, 2010

I first released Campaigner (then SL Freshview Subscribe) back in 2008. In ExpressionEngine terms those were wild and dangerous times, pre-dating such cultural touchstones as (FF) Matrix, Structure, and Jamie Rumbelow.

In the intervening years, I’ve rewritten Campaigner (twice), and become incredibly wealthy and popular due to its fame and commercial success.

Perhaps not surprisingly, my adoring public wanted more. It’s a damned imposition, certainly, but I recognise and understand your desperate longing in ways even you don’t fully comprehend.

So here it is, my sweet devoted minions: Campaigner for ExpressionEngine 2. Completely rewritten, exhaustively tested, available today.


For those of you who have been stuck using WordPress (25 million people can’t be wrong™) for the past 2 years, Campaigner makes it easy to subscribe members of your ExpressionEngine site to Campaign Monitor mailing lists.

It fully supports all the ExpressionEngine account activation options, and even works if you go all power crazy, and start registering new members via the Control Panel.

On top of that, you can specify an optional “trigger” for each mailing list, enabling members to select (that’s “opt-in” for all you e-marketing folk) which lists they wish to join.

Hell, if you’ve got User installed, your site members can even update their Campaign Monitor subscription preferences directly from your site. I know, even I was impressed by that last one.

So there you go, Campaigner for ExpressionEngine 2. Buy it, and quit bugging me about BucketList.