Introducing Craft Cookbook

Published on 26th February, 2014
The Craft Cookbook home page.

We’re big fans of the Craft content management system here at Experience. Craft is a fine product under very active development, and despite its youth it’s well documented, and extremely well supported.

As with most things, building a site with Craft involves a bit of a learning curve. In this case, though, the learning curve presents novice users with a bit of a problem:

  1. Googling for advice on “Craft” is an exercise in frustration, and more likely to result in a new-found love of crochet than an answer to your current CMS-based question.
  2. The documentation—whilst excellent—is more about high-level concepts than the quick solutions you need when you’re just getting started.
  3. The official Google+ group is packed with useful information, but it’s difficult to find (oh the irony), and painful to bookmark.

We found ourselves longing for a site which provided quick solutions to common Craft problems; something that would help us get to a working solution, fast, and remove some of the roadblocks to learning Craft.

So we built it.

Quick solutions to your Craft problems

Craft Cookbook is a home for task-oriented Craft “recipes”.

Each recipe follows the format defined by the O’Reilly cookbooks, and comprises:

  • A succinct description of the problem;
  • A no-nonsense solution which you can quickly implement, and get on with your day;
  • Additional content, for those who want to know the why as well as the how (where applicable).

For example, here’s how to add a file extension to your Craft URLs.

Get involved (please)

Right now the Craft Cookbook includes around half-a-dozen recipes we unearthed whilst browsing the Google+ group, or building our first few Craft sites.

We’ll continue to add recipes as we encounter them, but our hope is that the Craft community as a whole gets behind Craft Cookbook, and uses it to share their wisdom.

Together, we can make Craft Cookbook into a really valuable community resource, and drastically lower the barrier to entry for those new to the wonderful world of Craft (and Twig, and Yii).

So please, get involved.

What does Experience get out of this?

Nothing, probably. We’re not seeking to monetise Craft Cookbook, and anybody who submits a recipe will receive full credit for their contribution1.

We just like to support good products and people, and Craft ticks both of those boxes.

What does Pixel and Tonic think of all this?

We contacted P&T back when we first had the idea for Craft Cookbook, to check they were happy for us to proceed.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Brad was drunk and unavailable for comment, but Brandon gave us the go-ahead. In a brief moment of clarity, Brad later confessed that he didn’t hate the idea.

We greatly appreciate the encouragement, and also the free Package licenses which P&T generously provided.

Now go share your knowledge.

  1. For the initial launch this means a simple “authored by” credit. The plan is to expand this over time, to accommodate a full profile and bragging rights. ↩︎