Introducing Dropdate for ExpressionEngine 2

Published on 9th June, 2011

Exciting news, loyal follower: DropDate is now fully compatible with ExpressionEngine 2.

Of course, if you really were that loyal you would realise that this is rather old news, as the EE2 version has been proudly swaggering its way around our GitHub account for some time.

After one support request too many, we finally got around to updating the official documentation, so we can all hug and be friends again.

Credit where it’s due

Full credit for the EE2 version goes to the PHP leviathan that is Lodewijk Schutte.

We added a few niceties, but Low took care of all the hard work, after growing tired of waiting for us. I knew he’d blink first.

About that ExpressionEngine 1 thing

The DropDate download still includes the EE1 version, and indeed the DropDate documentation still includes EE1 installation and usage instructions.

However, as of today, the EE1 version is officially deprecated. The eagle-eyed among you will note that the last few enhancements have been EE2 only, and that is the shape things to come.