Introducing Omnilog: System-wide Message Logging for ExpressionEngine Add-on Developers

Published on 29th June, 2011

Yesterday, I—along with the rest of the known ExpressionEngine universe—spent some time kissing Brandon Kelly’s Assets.

As I waited patiently for the file to upload to my preferred warez site, I impudently pondered what could possibly be done to make Brandon Kelly’s life a living hell add-on even better.

And then, like an “upload complete” notification written entirely in Russian, it hit me: Assets should tell me when a problem occurs deep in the bowels of its ropey flawless code.

Surely this would be of great benefit not only to me, his Kellyship’s humble customer, but also Our Underbearded Overlord Himself, on those rare occasions when a misguided fool submits a “doesn’t work, fix it” support request.

I decided it was time to help a brother out, and set to work. Several hours later, I am happy to present OmniLog: a system-wide message logging add-on, specifically designed for use by ExpressionEngine add-on developers.

As I type this, it also occurs to me that OmniLog ties in rather nicely with the “log everything” directive, from part 2 of my “Integrating ExpressionEngine with Third-Party APIs” series.

Isn’t life full of strange coincidences? Don’t bother answering that, I still haven’t enabled comments.