Introducing Testee: Unit Testing for ExpressionEngine Add-ons

Published on 31st May, 2011

Way back in October of last year, I took the stage at EECI 2010 in Leiden and spoke at nauseating length on the subject of test-driven add-on development. As part of that talk, I officially announced Testee, an EE1 and EE2 module that makes it possible to unit test your ExpressionEngine add-ons.

Since then, this hilariously-named add-on has been sitting idly in my GitHub account, silently rebuking me over its lack of documentation.

Today those mute recriminations can finally cease; Testee has an official home alongside my other EE add-ons, with documentation to match.

If your current add-on development process revolves around the evil-E trifecta of echo, error_log, and exit, I strongly recommend you take a look at test-driven development, and Testee. Combined, they’ve improved the quality of my code more than anything else I’ve tried.

Let me know how you get on.