It Speaks!

Published on 23rd March, 2010

A few weeks ago, at the behest of the human dynamo that is Jon Moss, I lent my dulcet tones to the inaugural Hull Digital podcast.

After consuming all the available disk space on the Hull University recording studio computers (really), this priceless artefact of poor enunciation and off-topic ramblings was whisked away to a secret location, to be edited and finessed into a form fit for human consumption.

Not surprisingly, this took some time.

Thankfully, the long wait is at an end, and the Hull Digital podcast is now available for your considerable listening pleasure. Relax as the warmth of our manly tones whisk you back to the days of the iPad announcement, Vodafone Twitter mishaps, and Google Buzz (remember that?). It’s like a pathetically limited nerd time-machine, sponsored by Brut.

We’re back in the recording studio tomorrow, so expect more soon. That’s not supposed to sound like a threat.