Show Them What You’re Made Of

Published on 21st December, 2008

If you’re providing a premium product or service, you need to go that extra mile and show people what they’re getting for their money. The higher the premium, the greater the need to demonstrate your worth.

I’m a big fan of Apple, and typically have to fight temptation every time they launch a new product. However, when the new MacBooks launched a couple of months ago, for the first time ever I balked slightly at the price. Sure, they looked great, but really, could I justify the cost of upgrading?

Then I watched the “making of” video.

By the end of it, I was thinking “these new laptops are a bit of a steal”. The video does a superb job of justifying the cost of the end product, by demonstrating the thought, quality, and attention to detail that went into its design and manufacture.

I experienced a similar reaction to this video by Charles and Ray Eames, documenting the design and manufacture of their moulded fibreglass chairs.

Once again, the quality and attention to detail is what sets these pieces apart, and the video does an excellent job of conveying this; no hype, no marketing spin, just a clear demonstration of what goes into making every single chair.

Do your customers understand the value of your product or service?