So Long to ExpressionEngine 1

Published on 17th August, 2011

Today marks the official end of life for all my ExpressionEngine 1 add-ons. In practical terms, this means they will no longer be officially supported, and will receive no further updates.

Most EE users have already made the transition to the young pretender, so hopefully this won’t cause any undue suffering among my rabid fanbase. It will also afford me more time to support and develop my EE2 add-ons.

I’m still deciding how best to reorganise the software section to reflect this change, but whatever solution I come up with you can rest assured that my EE1 add-ons will still be available for download; just in case you find yourself momentarily trapped in the past.

BucketList is now free

The final item of news is that BucketList—my add-on which seamlessly integrates Amazon S3 with your ExpressionEngine 1 website—is now free.

If you’ve purchased BucketList in the last 30 days, and are feeling terribly put-out by this unexpected turn of events, drop me a line and I’ll refund you in full.