Speaking at Eeci 2010

Published on 19th June, 2010

The website is up, tickets are on sale, and I can finally liberate this damned cat. This September, I’ll be speaking at the ExpressionEngine CodeIgniter Conference in Leiden, alongside the great and the good of the ExpressionEngine community, and Kenny Meyers.

Robert was kind enough to ask me a few months back, before the San Francisco EECI Conference in fact, so I’ve been biting my tongue for a while now.

Of some surprise to you and me both is the fact that I’m the first lamb to the slaughter on day 1, directly after the opening keynote. This must be what the guy following Steve Jobs at the WWDC feels like.

So grab yourself an early-bird ticket, and abate your breath in anticipation of more exciting updates, as I attempt to decide what the hell I’m going to talk about.