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A Brief Introduction to ExpressionEngine Actions

A couple of weeks ago, I announced that Testee 2.2 now lets you run your tests via an ACTion ID.

Whilst writing said announcement, I discovered that the world is sadly lacking in a succinct overview of ExpressionEngine ACTion IDs. Read on for my attempt to plug this hole in the ExpressionEngine documentation dam.

Updates and Oddments: August 2012

It’s been 12 month since the previous Updates and Oddments post. I haven’t been completely idle during this time, but my rather erratic blogging schedule means that most of my side projects are released without fanfare.

Read on for a collection of ExpressionEngine-related oddments that quietly slipped out the back door over the past year.

Testee 2.2

Yesterday I released Testee 2.2, which contains a significant new feature: automated testing.

You can now run an add-on’s test suite by loading an “ACTion” URL; Testee does your bidding, and returns the results as JSON.

EE Gotchas: Nested ‘No_results’ Tags (Redux)

Last week I published a post about a bug in the ExpressionEngine Template parser, which causes problems with nested no_results tags. Said post includes a couple of quick fixes: one suitable for use by general ExpressionEngine developers; the other intended for add-on developers.

The “general” fix remains unchanged, so if you’re not an add-on developer your work here is done. If you are an add-on developer, continue reading for a much better solution than the one I originally presented.

The Missing ExpressionEngine Multi-language Lingua Franca

Multi-language support in ExpressionEngine has a long and inglorious history. For as long as I’ve been involved with the community there have been endless forum threads discussing the painful minutiae of implementing a multi-lingual site in ExpressionEngine, and questioning why life has to be this hard.

I’m a poor guide to the fetid backwaters of building a multi-language site with ExpressionEngine, but I do have a vested interest in the problem.