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The Missing ExpressionEngine Multi-language Lingua Franca

Multi-language support in ExpressionEngine has a long and inglorious history. For as long as I’ve been involved with the community there have been endless forum threads discussing the painful minutiae of implementing a multi-lingual site in ExpressionEngine, and questioning why life has to be this hard.

I’m a poor guide to the fetid backwaters of building a multi-language site with ExpressionEngine, but I do have a vested interest in the problem.

The ExpressionEngine 2.0 Add-on Dilemma

The upcoming ExpressionEngine 2.0 launch has gone from being a full product release, to a release candidate, to a public beta in preparation for a 2.0 release.

So what does this mean for ExpressionEngine add-on developers, and ExpressionEngine as a platform? Read on for my take.

Atebits’ Common-sense Approach to Licensing

Along with what seems like the entire Mac Twitterverse, I’ve just shelled out a few quid for Tweetie, the new Mac Twitter client from Atebits. It would seem that Atebits’ talent for simplifying complex interactions extends way beyond the user interface, to the traditionally murky waters of software licenses.

Kicking the Business Book Habit

Until fairly recently, I was an avid reader of small-business books. The E-Myth Revisited, Duct Tape Marketing, The Four Hour Work Week, you name it — if it was about the process of running and growing a small business, it was required reading.

Now, I actively avoid reading such books, and this is working out rather well for my business.

In Praise of the Email Standards Project

A few days ago, the Email Standards Project was officially launched. Put simply, Email Standards have the potential to completely change the quality—and economic viability—of HTML email, much as Web Standards did for web sites.

If you’re a business owner and think that this only applies to us nerdy web designer types, think again. HTML emails can provide a better return on investment than any other form of direct marketing, but without decent support for Email Standards the cost of developing them escalates dramatically, as does the likelihood that a decent proportion of your customers won’t even be able to read your carefully crafted missive.

Html Vs. Plain Text Emails: Get Your Priorities Straight

The HTML vs. Plain Text email debate continues to rage ad-nauseum. Each side has its supporters, both alternatives have their strengths and weaknesses, and the majority of the populous is blissfully unaware that such dilemmas even exist.

I’m not going to wade through the old arguments here. Instead, I’m going to raise an issue that I’ve never seen mentioned by the plain text supporters—that of priorities.

The Stupidity of the Opt-out Checkbox

Trying to fool your customers is a very short-sighted business strategy. Regardless of any personal morality regarding such matters, common-sense dictates that anything that leaves your customers feeling stupid or cheated is unlikely to lead to long-term business success.

Given such self-evident truths, its surprising how many companies indulge in petty cons when it comes time to fill out a few forms.