Testee 2.2

Published on 27th July, 2012

Yesterday I released Testee 2.2, which contains a significant1 new feature: automated testing.

You can now run an add-on’s test suite by loading an “ACTion” URL; Testee does your bidding, and returns the results as JSON:

// Run the Testee test suite.
// JSON response.
    "summary": {
        "result": "failed",
        "pass_count": "100",
        "error_count": "0",
        "exception_count": "0",
        "fail_count": "0",
        "skip_count": "0"
    "errors": [],
    "exceptions": [],
    "fails": [],
    "skips": []

This is particularly handy if you use any sort of build process, or want to automatically run your test suite every time you make a Git commit (for example).

Check out the documentation for comprehensive information on using this new feature.

  1. Or possibly completely insignificant, if you have no interest in unit testing ExpressionEngine add-ons. ↩︎