Updates and Oddments

Published on 9th August, 2011

Regular readers of this site may be shocked to learn that I don’t consider everything I do worthy of a blog post.

Updates to existing add-ons rarely warrant more than a quick Tweet, and many code oddments don’t even make it that far, languishing unloved and unnoticed on my GitHub account.

This post summarises these recent side-shows, for those few misguided individuals not following me (or Experience) on Twitter, or monitoring my every commit on GitHub. If this inaugural effort is met with approval, I’ll publish a round-up post every few weeks or months, as appropriate.

Add-on updates

  • Crumbly 1.0.1 was released, fixing a Pages-related bug.
  • MailChimp Subscribe 2.0.4 was released, fixing an ExpressionEngine 1 bug affecting lists with no “merge variables”.
  • OmniLog 1.1.0 was released, fixing a couple of minor UI bugs, and implementing the ability to specify custom notification email addresses for each log entry, as required. Very handy.
  • OmniLog 1.1.1 was released, fixing a bug introduced in OmniLog 1.1.0. Sorry about that.

Off-site oddments


SmartDown has been quietly receiving some love on GitHub. Check out the jsm branch for a few useful enhancements prompted by this support request from purveyor of web design awesomeness Jason Santa Maria. I’m such a fame whore.


The GitGo bash script makes initialising a new Git project an absolute breeze. It even includes support for Git Flow, should that be how you roll (you should).

Originally authored by my good self, GitGo was subsequently improved beyond recognition by my better self, Erik Reagan.


You know that nifty “add row” and “delete row” functionality you get in add-ons such as Matrix? Roland is a jQuery script that lets you implement such wonders in seconds. Check out Usher or Crumbly to see it in action.

Admin Scripts

Despite my best efforts, I still find myself drawn into the occasional ExpressionEngine 1 project. Admin Scripts is the result of this unfortunate situation.

Admin Scripts is a module which acts as a wrapper for small admin scripts that don’t warrant a full-blown add-on. It was designed with two use-cases in mind:

  • General-purpose utility scripts.
  • Utility scripts related to (and bundled with) a specific add-on. For example, an add-on may wish to provide an admin script that populates the database with dummy content for demonstration purposes, and another script to “reset” the add-on, by emptying its database tables.

Admin Scripts is pretty rough-and-ready, but I’ve found it very handy in the aforementioned situations.


Tracks is another unwanted ExpressionEngine 1 bastard add-on that has weaseled its way into my life and onto my GitHub. It provides easy access to an ExpressionEngine user’s session history, and has proven itself mighty handy for “back” links and the like.

Caveat emptor

Finally, it’s worth stating that most of the aforementioned oddments will never ascend the dizzying heights of the software section on this site, and should be considered unsupported. Proceed accordingly.